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Emperor and Sultan | 30.01.-19.04.20

Neighbours in the Heart of Europe 1600–1700

The Badisches Landesmuseum is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding in 2019. The world renowned Karlsruher Türkenbeute is at the heart of the museum's exhibitions – a trophy collection assembled by the Baden margraves from the 17th century Turkish wars. It is more emblematic of Baden's history than almost any other collection, while also illuminating its European dimension.

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art Karlsruhe | 13.-16.02.20

art KARLSRUHE offers a wide variety of art, ranging from classical modern to contemporary art to around 50,000 expected visitors. More than 200 international galleries presenting their gallery programme and artists.

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Independent Days – International Filmfestival Karlsruhe | 01.-05.04.20

Film festival that reflects the entire spectrum of independent cinema. Independent film productions from all over the world are shown - both short and feature films.

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Stadtwerke Eiszeit

Rêves d'hiver dans un cadre historique

Entre le 26.11.2019 et le 02.02.2020, la ville en forme d'éventail se transforme en une merveille hivernale. Avec vue directe sur le château, les visiteurs peuvent faire du patin à glace et terminer la journée avec un vin chaud.

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